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Voice Stress Analyzer Tool
IE 4.x/NS4.x Formatted

"How can you tell when a politician is lying?
 His lips move!" --  Max Headroom

Self-Calibrates over frequency domain of audio data, determining min/max and average frequencies.

Eliminates audio noise packets with amplitude less than average.

Provides visual cue to vocal stress deviation from nominal (green) to user settable 'stressed' tolerance (red).

Records, Plays back, and Saves.


Audio Samples

Nixon (232k)
Perot (111k)
Clinton (181k)

Prevaricate: [ Latin- to walk crookedly ]
1. To turn aside from, 
    or evade the truth.
2. To tell an untruth; lie.

A neat little tool to help decide which...
For Legal Research, Experimentation and Entertainment use.
Prevaricator V1.0

A Lightweight Win95/98/NT application suitable for use as browser helper or standalone app.

Performs Fourier Analysis of vocal frequencies and displays the shift of vocal frequencies which accompany even the mildest of physiologic stress.

Public domain origins & Links
    VSA Software
    Media Bypass/TRUTHVSA

Source code in Metrowerks: C

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Latest Rev: 1.04

Useful tool to capture streaming content:

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